This is me at 2 years old. I won a baby contest:)

This is me at 2 years old. I won a baby contest:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello my dear bloggers. Well another beautiful day here in Cooper,Texas. It was 70 degrees and it is going to be nice tomorrow also. Cool in the mornings and evenings and nice the rest of the day.

I just had to post my Beautiful Quilt that my Sweet Awesome adopted daughter Ashley made for me, her Sweet Mom Becky and Sweet Grandma Janie helped her make it for me. I absolutely Love it and I have it sitting in the living room so I can see it every day!  I made friends with Ashley and her and her Wonderful Family took me in as part of their family and I just Love them to pieces.

I hope every one is having a great evening and will have a wonderful week-end.
Blessings to you all til my next posting.
Hugs !!!

My Goregous Quilt!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Branson Trip in May 2011

In May my best friend Peggy and I  took a trip to Branson Mo and we had so much fun! We shopped and saw two awesome shows, shopped some more. Peggy was in awwww...with all the mountains because she had never been to Branson before. I use to live in St Louis and had already been to Branson so I knew what is was going to be like, it has changed a lot since I was there with my husband. There was lots to do and I think we did it all! :-)

We stayed in a really neat Hotel that looked like a Windmill and it faced the strip! The weather was hot there and it rained one day we were there but we still had a really good time.
I will post more pictures later.
Til my next post hoping every one will have a great day and be safe and stay warm if you are having cold weather where you live.

Have a Very Blessed Day!

Branson Trip

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My friend Sherry that lives in St Louis made this for me one night when we were chatting and I saved it because I thought it was so cute! I love Latte's and she made me one. I love the cute Chef and  I wanted to share this with my blogging friends...

Yummy Latte

Winter of 2010

Hi every one it is cold here in Cooper,Texas today, we had a storm last night and now it is windy and very cool. Cool enough for sweatshirts and sweatpants....

Just wanted to share some of our Winter pictures of 2010, we had lots of snow and was really surprised because we were told Cooper never gets snow... :-) Well last year we did get lots of it!
It was beautiful but it was very cold, and the snow lasted for a few days and the neighbor boys and our next door neighbor made a snowman in our front yard, they had a lot of fun!
Waiting to see what this winter will bring us, I will be posting pictures if we have lots of snow this year.

I am staying in the house where it is warm and cozy drinking my flavored coffee..
Hope each and every one of you are staying warm if it is cold where you live, and that you are enjoying your coffee or hot cider!

Til my next post I hope every one is staying warm and cozy ;-)
Blessing to Everyone!

Ice Sicles

Trista and Owen making Snow Angels

Street we live on

Same Winter 2010 Boys across the street making a snowman in our front yard.

Winter of 2010 snow was so heavy it weighted our tree branch down.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is my new candle creation, Strawberry Sundae. The scent is Strawberry Kiwi and it smells wonderful and it looks good enough to eat... I sell my Sundae's for $10. If you would like to order one of these candles please just e-mail me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Strawberry Sundae Candle

Beautiful Day

What a wonderful Saturday this is here in Texas, it is 80 degrees and really nice. Downtown Cooper Texas is having it s Chigger Festival, I haven't gone yet there are lots of people there There are suppose to be over 109 venders, I was going to try and sell my candles there again but I just didn't have time to get ready for it. May be next year I can do the Festival.

Hope every one is doing good today and enjoying the weather you are having where you live. I know some of my facebook friends are having cold weather and it is raining and very cold. Not sure what our winter is going to bring for us. Last year we had lots of snow and that surprised us..:-)
Well my blogger friends I must leave for now and try to get some things accomplished today if I can, it is way too nice to be inside here.

Wishing every one a very Blessed Day today til next time Y'all  Happy Blogging!

Have a Blessed Day Every one!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

Happy Fall Ya'll, hope every one is enjoying their Fall Season where ever you live. It hasn't made it to Texas not sure if it is ever going to get here. lol! Just been trying to get some things finished and making candles...

I had a wonderful birthday Sunday with my family, wish my son and his family could have been here also, they live in St Louis. I sure miss them! Just wanting to get decorating for Fall but since the weather isn't Fall weather it wouldn't seem like it if I went ahead and decorated for it.:-)Waiting for my favorite flavored coffee to come out and it hasn't yet, I need to find some of Pumpkin Spice... Yum!! I love that flavor.Winter is going to be here before our Fall decided to show up lol!
I sure hope every one will have a great week and when I finish up on some of my projects I will be posting them for you too see. So enjoy and til next time, Blessings to All!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My cute Scruffy dipped scented bears are a cute way to freshen your home. His is 6" sitting down and he comes sitting on a glass plate. This cute bear can be scented in any scent of your choice... Scruffy comes packaged sitting on a glass plate in a cello bag tied with homespun and a hang tag...He sells for $15
If you would like to order him just e-mail me and I will get back with you as soon as possible...

Wonderful Saturday...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yeah it is Friday

Hi every body, here is a picture of my 16oz Pantry Jar Candles that I make. They come with a rusty lid and homespun tied around the jar.  I sell these for $12. If you would like to order you may click my e-mail me and I will get back with you....  You may also choose the scent that you like! :-)

My 160z Pantry jar Candles

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Today is another beautiful day here in Texas. Trying to get some projects finished so I can post them and then I can add some of my candles for every one to see. We are suppose to have some rain here this week-end and cool off some,but the  weather is still hot and it doesn't seem like Fall here yet. Sure hope it gets here soon I want to start decorating and baking pumpkin Bread, pies, cookies and all the wonderful goody's that make your house smell really good! Well, I guess I need to get myself busy so I can get some things finished, I will be back on soon and hopefully can post some pictures of my candles! So til next time Ya'll have a great Wednesday! :-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Day

Hello every one. I haven't been on my blog for a few days, I have still been painting the outside of our house and today I decided to take a paint break. I have  been helping my husband with things that he wanted to finish up! 
Since I am new to doing a blog I do not know how to do somethings for the blog, and I have had some wonderful help from two Awesome Friends! I just want to THANK them so much for helping me.:-) Hopefully I can make my blog a blog friends want to come and visit and have fun reading.
I am almost finished with my painting and then I can get busy and get some new candles and tarts made, and then I will be posting pictures of what I have made.
I hope every one is having  wonderful Fall weather where you live, it is still hot here in Texas and I am hoping soon it will cool down to Fall weather so I can start decorating for the Fall....
So til my  next blog happy blogging every one :-)   

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Day...

Hello every one, today is a new day and I have been busy painting the trim on our house, it is a Tennesse Slate Blue that I had made a little darker. Will be finished with that probably tomorrow, then it will be time to work on the other parts of the house. That color is going to be a tan cream color, the front of the house is a redish brick, and later on I am going to have a red front door.:-)

Hope every one is having a great Sat and it is nice weather where you are, it is hot here but in the 80's!
Going to run I need to fix dinner and then figure out how to add pictures to my blog!

Blessing to All!