This is me at 2 years old. I won a baby contest:)

This is me at 2 years old. I won a baby contest:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Week-end!

OMGoodness Gracious..... where has the time gone? It seems like it has been forever since I have been on my  blog. I have been so busy getting my crafts made and taking care of my husband and keeping the house up. Those are jobs in themselves. The weather here in Texas has been crazy,  it has been cold, cool and then in the 70's and 60's and 50's.

Just wanted to let every one know that my Sweet adopted daughter Vickie is doing good and out of the hospital, thank you all so much for your prayers for her. She has to take it easy and will be on medicines but she is doing good. Thank you God for watching over her and making her better.:)

Trying to get all my crafts made that has to be sewn and then I will be working on my candles that I want to make for my website. I am adding new handmade candles and crafts. Time to get new things for the New Year before it gets a head of me and it will be time for another year :(
I sure hope every one is doing good, I know it is just January but the time goes so fast, it is gone before you know it and then it is too late to get any thing done.I think I need to be cloned :) I just wanted to say hi and I hope every one will have a good year and blessings will come your way.

Wishing every one a wonderful week-end and I will be posting again real soon. I will show some of my new crafts that I am making....:)

God Bless and Hugs

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